Our holistic approach in assessing your business and ‘fee for service’ payment structure allows you to select only those services that will enable you to achieve your goals.


Evaluate a competitive landscape and perform an analysis of the business segment

Enhance the business plan and develop appropriate milestones

Build financial models and analyze the feasibility of the venture

Prepare investment presentations and develop a plan for raising capital

Consult on ad hoc business development issues

Established Businesses

Analyze the business model and evaluate cash flows

Provide recommendations for improvement of the balance sheet

Streamline business operations and recommend appropriate performance metrics

Identify potential targets and raise capital for mergers and acquisitions

Perform due diligence and structure the transaction

Offer valuation and fairness opinions

Obtain competitive rates on commercial mortgages and operating lines of credit

Investors and Financiers

Screen prospects and source sector specific ideas for current or future investment consideration

Identify targets and analyze companies whose profiles match desired risk criteria

Approach prospects and determine the level of interest while protecting investor identity

Perform due diligence, structure and execute the transaction for those investors who lack these capabilities in-house